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Craniosacral therapy

Amanda Glenn

Amanda Glenn has advanced training through Upledger Institute in craniosacral therapy for obstetrics and pediatrics.


She has been a labor doula since 2004. She brings extensive first-hand experience into her work as a CranioSacral Therapist for expecting families, new parents and infants.


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle and non-invasive type of bodywork that is deeply soothing to the nervous system. This work is safe and effective for the entire family, supports healing and recovery after birth, reduces stress and/or fatigue and helps babies who are having challenges with breastfeeding or colic.

Receive hands-on nervous system support for mom & baby with access to Amanda’s extensive expertise in breastfeeding support, birth integration, newborn care & infant development.

Craniosacral therapy is especially helpful for:


  • Preparing for conception

  • Surrogacy support

  • Pregnancy

  • Due date appointment + support the onset of labor

  • Birth recovery (for parents and baby)

  • Breastfeeding challenges

  • Babies in distress

​Adult Office Visits 
60min $85
5 Sessions $400

10 Sessions $750

Pediatric Office Visits
Initial Visit (60min Parent + Child) $85
Follow-up (30min) $55
Pediatric Package (Initial + 3 Follow-ups) $225


These are private educational classes delivered in the comfort and convenience of your home by one of our educators.  We review up-to-date evidence-based content with information that is tailored to your interests.  After the class, you will be able to follow-up with our group for additional suggestions, insights and help with specific situations.  Some classes are included for no additional cost when you work with one of our doulas.  


Classes include:

  • Childbirth Education - $200 (Included with birth doula)

  • Newborn Care Class + Healing Postpartum  - $150 (Included with birth doula)

  • Breastfeeding (Prenatal) - $175

  • Infant Movement - $60 (Included with postpartum doula)