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Nutrition and Meals

Food is the most important tool we have for nourishing and healing our bodies.  


Without nutritious and convenient snacks from the start, it can be difficult to maintain energy while transitioning to a round the clock newborn feeding schedule.


We also use traditional foods like ghee and broths to support tissue healing, balanced mood and healthy milk production for those breastfeeding.

Nutritious eating is not just for healing new mothers during their "4th Trimester."  We recommend exploring food as a way to promote fertility and during pregnancy to nourish developing babies.

Doula my kitchen...

+ Traditional options like Ayurvedic menus

+ Personalized to your family's eating style

+ Organic produce and pantry items


+ Pastured meats and fats  

Weekly Meals

This service Includes a personalized meal plan, grocery shopping, and cooking for 1-2 people designed to nourish healing bodies.  Typical menu includes 4 entrées, 1-2 snacks and a healing beverage.  Our cooking style pulls from wholesome foods tailored to your eating habits including Ayurveda, vegan, paleo, healthy comfort foods etc.  Our menus are seasonal and centered on local ingredients.

We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks of cooking for new mothers who want to get ahead of their healing.