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Why we love 303 Doulas.
"I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for all the support surrounding the birth of little (or very big rather…4 month check up today) Milo.  I couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience.  You guy’s kept me calm and confident leading up to the big day and helped me smoothly transition back to being a mom of a newborn again after birth.  You guys are so good at what you do and I appreciate the heck outta you!"
-- Beth & Tony
"I wanted to tell the three of you how much we appreciate everything yall did for us. Working with Boulder's Doula Circle was such an awesome experience. From pregnancy through delivery and now post-partum we've been able to count on the three of you for comfort, information and support. Much love and gratitude from James and I for everything!! You all went above and beyond to help us in so many ways!"
--Laura & James
Since you are reading this, I assume you have decided that a doula is a good idea for your birth.  But if you are unsure, let me help you - the answer is YES.  Especially if this is your first baby, after going through it, doing it without a doula is simply unimaginable.  More on why below.

Boulder and environs are not short on doulas as we learned when we moved here two months ago, seven months pregnant).  

However, after a 1:1 meeting and attending one of their monthly birth circle open houses at the Mamahood, we knew it was not just a case of being the "right fit" for us, but so much more.  Suddenly we felt incredibly supported by these three very wise, very experienced, and very fun women.  Each brings a unique set of skills to the table that will benefit you, not just on the big day, but throughout your pregnancy.  Whether it was herbs, exercises, guiding us to other resources in the community, pre-natal home visits, or post-partum visits, Amanda, Rachel and April gave way more than we ever imagined.  We were clueless, but by the time labor arrived we were super-educated, prepared, and confident.  And the benefits of their support during labor cannot be overstated.  Its difficult to express how grateful we are to these three.  

Another aspect of the team-doula approach: you can't end up in a situation where your one doula is on vacation or at another birth, leaving you in the lurch.  Or, if, heaven-forbid, you have a marathon labor, you can get a hand-off, where one of them will come in as relief.

A final thing to add - while we were on board with their approach, we saw other couples who had different ideas of what they wanted (or didn't want) and all three of the doulas were really non-judgmental and supportive.  I suppose that in this world thats normal, but there was something genuine about it - its not that they were hiding what they really thought, but that they were truly not judging and wanted to do whats best for their pregnant mamas and their babies.

In this incredible, exciting, daunting process of starting a family, I cannot stress how great it was to have these three as counsel.  If this sounds too good to be true, message me and I'll be happy to share more details of our experience."
--Nikko & Prang
"AJ was simply incredible! Having her there made a world of difference in our overall experience."
"I was very nervous for birth & had little idea what to expect when we first met, but even after my first meeting with our doula, I felt more ready. It was so amazing having her with us.  My mother and fiance were in the room and they were so thankful she was there to help.  They were so impressed with everything she did to comfort me--things they said they never would have thought of.  I truly believe it went so well because of the amazing support I had, keeping me calm and feeling safe."
"AJ’s support in the lead up to our family’s childbirth experience was immensely helpful. As a first time mom, I found her advice and reassurances to be confidence-building and thoughtful. Instead of googling all the worst case scenarios, speaking with AJ actually helped me set reasonable expectations and ease my fears."